Power Plants & Substations

  • Power plants: Power plants: Power plants can be classified depending on their sizes (in MW) or type of fuel used (coal, oil, Gas, unconventional). Power plant construction requires Engineering Expertise with specific skill sets and prior hands on know –how of the equipments to be erected /operated and technology used.
  • Substations: Substations: The Substations are a very important part of any power system, may it be generation (power plants) or Transmission & Distribution (Cities / Utilities). The Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy is now a specialized filed with new technologies like HVDC & GIS which require highly specialized skills & knowledge.
Typical hiring positions:
  • 1) Project Manager
  • 2) Testing & Commissioning Engineer
  • 3)Relay Testing Engineer

Industrial Infrastructure & High Rise Buildings

  • Industrial Infrastructure : Infrastructure is the starting point of any Industrial venture & the construction philosophy & methodology adopted depends upon the type of Infrastructure to be constructed. Some examples of critical applications can be foundations of Buildings & machineries like Turbines, Generators & Compressors etc.
  • Bridges, Dams & City Infrastructure : Bridges, Dams & High Rise Buildings and metros play a major role in development of any country. The Size of the projects being huge, naturally the manpower required for execution is sizeable and calls for similar experience to ensure proper execution. Many of the projects are a matter of national security and we monitored very critically by the authorities.
Typical hiring positions:
  • 1)Sr. Civil Engineer
  • 2) Project Manager – Metro Rail Project
  • 3)Lead Architect

The Ever-Evolving Process:

As organizations change and adapt to new challenges and opportunities, job analysis must also evolve. The process is not static but a dynamic tool that reflects the shifting demands of the workforce and the business landscape.

In conclusion, job analysis in HR serves as the guiding star in the HR constellation, illuminating the path to effective talent management, compliance, and organizational success. By embracing this process, HR professionals can ensure that their organizations are not only employing the right people but also empowering them to reach their full potential.


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