Oil and Gas Recruitment

This the initial and most critical phase of any Oil & Gas project and calls for the involvement of the best available Engineering Talent to do things right the first time . MCC has been instrumental in hiring the concept /FEED Engineering specialists for its clients projects like floating & fixed platform topsides, complaint piled towers , subsea developments, FPSo topsides , LNG Vessels, LNG Plants, Gas Processing & other Industries.


Infrastructure and Power Projects

Power plants: Power plants can be classified depending on their sizes (in MW) or type of fuel used (coal, oil, Gas, unconventional). Power plant construction requires Engineering Expertise with specific skill sets and prior hands on know –how of the equipments to be erected /operated and technology used.


Industry and IT Recruitment

Manufacturing Sector can very broadly cover all Industries in various sectors like Automotive Steel Pharma, Textiles, Food Processing , static Equipments, Aerospace, Defense and many others. Each Sector calls for highly refined skills which are specific to that sector. MCC has been working with many of its clients like the Tata Group, and Siemens for recruiting Executives across various locations and plants in India & Overseas.

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