India Labour Services Recruits for all stages of Oil & Gas projects from concept till commissioning..

Concept /FEED Engineering

This the initial and most critical phase of any Oil & Gas project and calls for the involvement of the best available Engineering Talent to do things right the first time . MCC has been instrumental in hiring the concept /FEED Engineering specialists for its clients projects like floating & fixed platform topsides, complaint piled towers , subsea developments, FPSo topsides , LNG Vessels, LNG Plants, Gas Processing & other Industries.

Typical hiring positions:
  • 1) Process Engg – Concept Selection
  • 2) Pipeline Engg
  • 3) HSE Engg
  • 3) HSE Engg

EPC/PMC Projects

When it comes to the EPC stage of any project, the deadlines of project execution and achieving the milestone within defined time frames become very critical. MCC has supported many such O & G Engg design projects by being able to mobilize Engineering. Manpower as required in various parts of the globe like SE Asia, GCC region, Africa & India.

Typical hiring positions:
  • 1) Project Manager
  • 2) Sr Corrosion Metallurgy Engineer
  • 3) Sr Control Systems Engineer PMC

Oil & Gas Operation

  • Upstream: Upstream: The upstream sector includes the searching of potential underground (onshore) or underwater (offshore) crude oil & NG fields, drilling of explanatory wells& subsequently drilling & operating the wells that bring crude Oil & NG to surface. Coal bed methane extraction is also a part of upstream activity. Some examples can be fixed offshore platforms, FPSO, Drilling Rigs Etc.
  • Midstream: Transportation (Pipelines), storage, (track forms) and marketing of Petroleum products. Many a times midstream operations are considered as a part of downstream.
  • Downstream: Downstream: Refining of petroleum crude and processing & purifying of raw natural gas is called as Downstream Process. The Downstream operations will cover all positions with refineries & petro chemical processes.
Typical hiring positions:
  • 1) Sr. Reservoir Geologist
  • 2) Sr. Petroleum Engineer (Artificial Lift)
  • 3) Piping & Pipeline Engineer
  • 4) Sr Process Safety Engineer
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The Ever-Evolving Process:

As organizations change and adapt to new challenges and opportunities, job analysis must also evolve. The process is not static but a dynamic tool that reflects the shifting demands of the workforce and the business landscape.

In conclusion, job analysis in HR serves as the guiding star in the HR constellation, illuminating the path to effective talent management, compliance, and organizational success. By embracing this process, HR professionals can ensure that their organizations are not only employing the right people but also empowering them to reach their full potential.


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